The challenge of the logistics market in 2016 Vietnam

The challenge of the logistics market in 2016 Vietnam

The challenge of the logistics market in 2016 Vietnam

Posted on: 01/12/2016

Thousands of logistics services company is currently working on a few simple operations in logistics and not adding value throughout the chain through logistics operations anonymous or complex solutions.

Two major factors need good governance in any stage is operational logistics cargo storage and cargo flows. And the three top criteria in logistics management generally have faster speed, there must be confidence level, expenses are low.

According to Julien Brun, General Manager CEL Consulting, to facilitate the logistics development in Vietnam, should do well the core elements for success of both hardware and software.


 Logistics market is still highly fragmented nature

Logistics market is still highly fragmented nature


Hardware is the logistics infrastructure, including the development and strengthening of capacities of the port to receive larger ships and handling equipment and handling, cargo at the port faster. In parallel with the development of the system to strengthen their capacity and improve port efficiency in operation at the port by improving operational processes, the system links the port should also do well to avoid the situation occurred out with Cai Mep deepwater port.

The core elements to the success of software including clearance operations quickly and clearly as e-custom made recently. Singapore leading port operator efficiency by making better operating procedures and customs clearance to study.
In addition, the export enterprises should also pay attention to exploit the value-added chain by adding much more value-added products instead of merely exporting raw or semi-processed today. From there, will help add value to operators in the import and export logistics.

Current logistics market highly fragmented nature. Thousands of companies providing logistic services are currently only making a few simple operations in logistics and value-added less throughout the logistics chain through nature or complex solutions.

Meanwhile, an efficient supply chain is not only dependent on the active connections between points, various activities on the chain, but also depends heavily on interactive activities.

For example, in the supply chain of ice cream in Vietnam. Shipping company concerned only part of the car when refrigerated transport and cold storage companies only care of the product refrigerated within cold storage, and no one has come forward to ensure refrigerated section at transforming cream on the stretch the road from the car and into the cold storage waiting. This process has affected the quality and condition of goods.

In the future, the logistics need to ensure conditions and product quality throughout the process from the manufacturer to the consumer as the end. Future logistics operations definitely need to increase the visibility status of goods in real time, "anytime, anywhere" through the application data, processing real-time tracking ...

The packaging of the goods in time to also require improved solutions to protect goods during logistics operations. By now, such as in the agricultural sector, the proportion of damaged goods, breakage, scratching up about 20-30%, causing waste and loss in business.

In the future, the market will witness many logistics solutions take advantage of the idle and the application of technology for the synthesis of small resources together and provide solutions to one kind of work. Technology can be a factor in changing the context of logistics in the near future.

Finally, for the future logistics development in Vietnam, companies, business owners need to have a strategy, overall visibility, collaboration with all actors, stakeholders across the value chain than to together to achieve benefits and greater value.